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Creative writing came naturally for Stephen, with an imagination that became words on a page and images for film and video. Over the years, Steve was involved with online educational programs, performing duties on the production crew; stage manager, camera, editor, and writer. This provides him the opportunity to learn and grow his skills using the digital tools of today.

Believing in his work, Stephen produced his first major production in 2017 with AREA:98. With scripts that Steve wrote, this sci-fi web series was submitted to various film festivals worldwide and received two awards. Later the series spent two years on Amazon Prime and earned back the costs of the film. Steve was Executive Producer, director and edited his production, which included a cast and crew of 12 talented individuals that shot the three episodes over a three-day holiday weekend.

When the pandemic of Covid-19 shut down the world, Stephen decided to take his screenplays and turn them into novels. The first was 29 Palms, an action-adventure romance story in Southern California's deserts. By doing this, Steve could explore his characters more deeply while refining their adventures. The first book was released on Amazon, ending in the Top Ten of LGBT Fiction/Action. Writing 29 Palms got the creativity growing, and a second book grew out of the first. 29 Palms – Second Chances was released about a year later and appeared in the top seller spots again. Currently, this second book maintains a 5-star rating on Amazon. A third book for the 29 Palms series is in the works with a Spring 2024 release. After 29 Palms – Tres Soles de Oro is released, Stephen will work on taking the three books into a mini-series for television.

A Cold Past is a short film that Stephen was going to make in 2020 but was put on hold. In the resort city of Palm Springs, two agents from the Cold War era meet again. Though on opposite sides of the Cold War, they warm to building a relationship. But they both harbor secrets that involve the other. Perhaps the war never ended. Steve hopes to bring this short to production in 2024.

Steve is also working with the writings he created in high school, creating a novel of a growing friendship but is there more going on? He is also working on the novelization of the AREA:98 adventures as he enjoys these characters and seeing where things will lead.

Now living in the Palm Springs area, Steve continues to explore the desert and the California coast. After the challenging years we have lived through, including a life threatening hospitalization with Covid in 2022, Steve beat the monster. With confidence, Steve is excited about his stories and looks forward to better days for all of us while he entertains you with the adventures of his characters.





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